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    Stephanie Clifford Hosking




    Meaning Bower Bird

    Family Totem The Red Kangaroo 'bawurra'


    I am an Aboriginal woman raised in Brisbane Australia. My people are the Yuwaalaraay people, near Lightning Ridge NSW Australia.


    Ever since I've known about where I come from, my art quickly made sense to me. I have always illustrated and painted in this style without ever giving much thought to it, however now I know my heritage, this knowledge underpins my work.


    My Mum

    Barbara Ann Hubbert




    Her Totem is the Tirri Tirri (Willy Wagtail). She is brave, she is kind, she is wacky and had 10 children.


    She has a degree in Indigenous Studies, she is an Elder in her Queensland community.

    My Nanna

    Heather Jean Rosalean




    She smiled, she read tea leaves, she had a white cockatoo and had 8 children.

    My Great Nan

    Fanny White




    Our Great Nan was born on Yeeranbah station and lived on the mission at Angeldool.


    Our country transverses western state borders and our stories are from the Narran lakes right through to the Balonne river taking in Dirranbandi and Hebel areas

  • Information about my people.

    Yuwaalarray People.

    Meaning of my totem - 'Wiidhaa'

    wiidhaa (YR, YY, GR) noun

    spotted bowerbird (Chlamydera maculata). The bowerbird is in a story about a fight, where the wedgetail threw the bowerbird onto a fire. A “clever” bird that still keeps his collection of magic stones. The bones and other items that the bird collects are thought to be the magic charms of the wiringin (clever man). Based on wii (fire) and, possibly, -dja (at, on).



     Referenced from http://www.yuwaalaraay.org/


    languages of North-West New South Wales.

    By Anna Ash


    The Narran River, the river I'm sure my son was named after.

    His name was made clear to me by my Nan.


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    Available for sale to any size and available to be printed on to the following materials:

     Archival Canvas rolled  |  Archival Canvas framed with hanging gear  |  Printed on archival paper  |  Printed on archival paper & framed with hanging gear  |  Printed on natural stone - square or rectangle.




    Seeds and Pods. Digital Illustration.

    Stephanie Clifford Hosking 2015



    This piece is from the inspiration I gain when I find seeds and pods everywhere.  I feel it's so clever of nature to put things inside other things, and they fit so perfectly, kinda like Babushka Dolls.

    Mapping my place.  Pen & Ink 2012

    By Stephanie Clifford Hosking

    I have a tendacy to kind of 'map' my feelings out like this in illustrations.  At times they look like areal shots of an area of land.  

    Moss on a rock. Digital Illustration.

    Stephanie Clifford Hosking 2015


    My interpretation of moss on river stones, they are very a very important symbol for our people.

    Green Gerbera.  Digital Illustration 2015

    by Stephanie Clifford Hosking

    All of the faces in my heritage...all at the centre of beauty and innocence - the gerbera.

    Silver Acrylic on board 2018

    by Stephanie Clifford Hosking

    A painting about reconnection with the inner child/higher self.

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